Module Descriptors MBA

Core modules

Marketing Management

The module develops a managerial overview of the role of the marketing function within an organisation. Students will gain knowledge of the key concepts of marketing that will enable an understanding of the role of marketing in the highly competitive current environment.

Organisational Behaviour

The module examines the role of management in diagnosing behaviours and adopting practices that can improve organisational effectiveness. This will involve consideration of employee attitudes, motivation, learning and reinforcement, job satisfaction, workgroups, organisational culture, leadership, communication, decision making, organisational conflict, change management, and the management of stress.

Economics and Business Environment

The module covers principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics, and deals with their applications to private and public sector management contexts. It provides an understanding of global macroeconomics and its importance in the development of effective corporate strategies. The module will present fundamental concepts of macroeconomics and develop analytical tools that can be used to study economic scenarios and performance.

Operations Management

The purpose of this module is to develop a clear understanding of the topics of operations management and their interrelationship, based on theory and illustrated with real-life case studies. The module discusses and compares critical topics in service and production operations management such as process design, inventory control, performance management and supply chain management.

Accounting and Finance for Managers

This module will enable students to gain advanced knowledge and thorough understanding of accounting and financial aspects that are expected to be acquired by a manager working for a modern organisation. The finance component of this module aims at developing a clear understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts of corporate finance.

Strategic Management

Strategic management is concerned with the direction and scope of an organisation. The module conveys how this involves determining the purpose of the organisation, establishing objectives and formulating strategies to achieve the objectives through projects and programmes in a multi-project environment. The module explores how an organisation positions itself with regard to dynamic internal and external environments.

Concentrations modules

Finance concentration
—  Quantitative Methods for Finance

This module introduces students to quantitative techniques commonly used in analysing financial market data. It analyses criteria for guiding investment decisions, considers the measurement of asset risk and return, and discusses statistical techniques of forecasting.

—  Financial Markets and Institutions

The module is tailored to the needs of Finance and Banking students and is designed to develop a solid understanding of how users of financial information interpret accounting reports when making business decisions. The topics covered in this module include earnings quality, ratio analysis, fundamental analysis, earnings management, equity-based executive compensation (stock grants and stock options).

—  Business Consultancy Project in Finance
Sustainability concentration
— Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

This module defines the components in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the relevant dependencies and areas of overlap. The combined strategic approach in socio-environmental analysis from the economic perspective will define a baseline.  The module introduces the fundamental principles guiding sustainable development best practices at the global level and its operational examples.

— Sustainable Built Environments

This module emphasises the need for a symbiotic and functional relationship in which ecology, culture and technology evolve and adapt.  The module introduces the fundamental principles guiding sustainable development of the built environment including avoidance or minimization of negative impacts on the environment; conservation and efficient use of natural resources; preservation of cultural patterns; and ecological harmony and respect for biodiversity.

— Business Consultancy Project in Sustainability

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