Research Activities

Google Scholar Profile: Nahia Mourad
ResearchGate Profile: Nahia Mourad
Web of Science Researcher ID: K-7000-2019
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3765-5946
SCOPUS ID: 57212672587

Research Interests

  • Applied mathematics for quantum chemistry and physics
  • Applied mathematics for decision science
  • Mathematical programming and analysis
  • Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and its applications

Selected Journal Publications  

  • Metawa and N. Mourad (2022). Neutrosophic-Based Multi-Objectives Model for Financial Risk Management. International Journal of Neutrosophic Science, 19(1), 188-199. DOI:
  • Mourad, A. Tharwat, A. M. Habib, D. Wafik & M. A. Hamed (2022). Appraising the Economic Efficiency of European Football Teams: Evidence from COVID-19 Crisis Using Data Envelop Analysis. Journal of Positive School Psychology, 6(8), 4383-4403.
  • M. Habib and N. Mourad (2022). Analyzing the efficiency of working capital management: A new approach based on DEA-Malmquist technology. Operations Research Forum, 3(3), 1-20. DOI: 10.1007/s43069-022-00155-7
  • Almajed, A. Ibrahim, A. Z. Abualkishik, N. Mourad and F. A. Almansour (2022). Using machine learning algorithm for detection of cyber-attacks in cyber physical systems. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 10(3), 261-275. DOI:
  • N. Mourad (2022). Second-order conic programming for data envelopment analysis models. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 10(2), 487-499. DOI:
  • N. Mourad, A.M. Habib and A. Tharwat (2021). Appraising healthcare systems’ efficiency in facing COVID-19 through data envelopment analysis. Decision Science Letters, 10(3), 301-310. DOI:
  • N. Mourad and A. Tharwat (2020). The efficiency of a university’s colleges: a case study using data envelopment analysis. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(8-Special Issue), 515-523. DOI:
  • N. Mourad and A. Tharwat (2019). Mixed stochastic input oriented data envelopment analysis model, International journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 8(12), 1839-1845.
  • E. Cancès and N. Mourad (2018). A numerical study of the extended Kohn-Sham ground states of atoms. Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, 13(2), 139-188.  DOI:
  • E. Cancès and N. Mourad (2016). Existence of a type of optimal norm-conserving pseudopotentials for Kohn–Sham models. Communications in Mathematical Sciences14(5), 1315-1352. DOI:
  • E. Cancès and N. Mourad (2014). A mathematical perspective on density functional perturbation theory. Nonlinearity27(9), 1999-2033. DOI:

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