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Hands-On Education and Training Experience – Our Cybersecurity Facilities


Training today’s cyber security professionals requires the use of a broad range of venues to prepare them to operate in technically challenging environments. The BUiD Cyber Security Academy is underpinned by a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with cutting-edge technology and simulation environment to create hyper-realistic cyber-attack scenarios to provide hands-on cyber security education and training


The BUiD Cyber Range



An immersive virtualised environment that creates many realistic cyberattack scenarios to replicate the high-pressure experience of a cyber-attack to allow students to work through it in real-time, from detection and response to repair and recovery providing hands-on cyber security education and simulated training. Students can simulate computer networks, traffic, threats and large-scale, complex cyber-attack scenarios over virtual machines in a safe and controllable environment. Just as every military and police force needs a firing range to sharpen weapons skills and battle tactics, educating the next-generation of cyber security professionals  to develop their instincts for offensive and defensive action requires access to an internet-scale, operationally relevant platform with the capabilities to accurately replicate network settings, realistic traffic and evolving threats as they would appear in a real attack scenario while using actual cyber security tools that the students would use at work. The Cyber Range gives students the opportunity to experience cyber security challenges modelled on real-world situations. The simulated environment will be injected with real-life attack scenarios and hostile network traffic and realistic traffic to simulate typical activity such as user emails, web-surfing, and server communications to replicate user activities and normal network communications. The Range is equipped with an advanced network traffic generator that generates specific traffic flows and inject them into the training network to mask the hostile activities that take place during a training scenario. Using the Range, students will build practical and soft skills while improving their ability to work as teams in a fast-paced, adversarial setting. The hands-on learning opportunities will help them to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills, which are consistently listed as among the most important soft skills by employers.


Cyber Security Laboratories


Our Cyber Security Labs will be among the best-equipped facility of this type in the world. Developed in consultation with leaders in the industry, our Labs combine multiple cyber security technologies for hands-on teaching and training:


Six world-class flexibly integrated research, teaching and training laboratories:

  1. The Cyber Offensive Lab (Red Lab)
  2. The Cyber Defence Lab (Blue Lab)
  3. The Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab (CTI) – The Fusion Centre
  4. The Malware Analysis and Forensics Lab
  5. The Decision Theatre (DT)
  6. The Industrial Cyber Security Lab (ICS)

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