The Industrial Cyber Security Lab (ICS)


A state-of-the-art lab for developing world-class industrial cyber security expertise and cyber security preparedness for industrial and critical infrastructure. The Lab will prepare cyber security professionals in the detection and prevention of smart city cyber-attacks in a real-world setting. The Lab has three core platforms:

  1. Global Honeypot Platform – a large setup with a comprehensive honeypot framework, network monitoring platform and a rich repository of threat intelligence that monitors, identifies and catalogues threats as they are uncovered in real-time to mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities in IoT devices used in Smart City Infrastructures. The Honeypot performs attack surface analysis in real-time and automatically identifies suspected issues to help manage them. It provides a robust profiling capability to conduct a baseline analysis for creating an IoT identification profile database.
  2. The Urban Observatory – this will automatically collect real-time information from a large number of sensors, smart devices, security systems, and social media platforms that is then funnelled to the Decision Theatre to provide total attack surface visibility and threat intelligence.
  3. The Data Observatory – this provides data visualisation capabilities and uses information gathered from the Urban Observatory and the Honeypot to provide detailed city-wide modelling of different threat scenarios. These models will allow security specialists to present threat scenarios to the Decision Theatre to identify the most vulnerable areas of the city.

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