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DCRI Vision & Mission

Our Vision Shaping the Future through the establishment of an international centre for Risk and Innovation delivering excellence in research, education, professional development and expert advise on the national and Global stage. Our mission To contribute to UAE’s aspirations of an innovation driven, knowledge-led economy through the promotion of excellent scholarship, education, research and professional development in risk and Innovation management. We empower individuals and organisations to translate the resulting intellectual power into tangible benefits for their stakeholders and the wider UAE economy.

Dubai Centre for Risk and Innovation objectives

  1. A place where the academia meets the Industry and the Government for making smarter future decisions
  2. BUiD Centre for Risk & Innovation is a unique and ambitious Centre of excellence for research, education and capacity building in enterprise risk, innovation management and allied disciplines. Based at The British University in Dubai (BUiD), DCRI is a multidisciplinary research centre/hub connecting researchers, senior executives and practitioners across the MENA region; and into a global management network.
  3. A unique aspect of DCRI is the UAE’s first Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in Enterprise Risk Management and Innovation Management. DCRI is strongly aligned with the aspirations of the ‘fourth’ track of the UAE National Innovation Strategy that seeks to ‘qualify individuals with highly innovative skills by concentrating on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including the creation of educational material for schools and universities. The aim is to establish a national culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through partnerships between the public, private and media sectors.

The British University in Dubai

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