Micro-credential in Construction Law and Contracts

The micro-credential in construction law and contracts is designed to offer students a flexible and tailored learning pathway in the field aimed at enhancing their employability by providing them with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competences they need for their personal and professional development. It ensures that students are familiar with the basic construction technology, legal knowledge and techniques necessary to understand current theory and practice in construction law and contracts. It helps students understand the special features of construction which can give rise to particular legal doctrines, problems, procedures, contracts, legal precedents and advice. Topics include: functions of the engineer, architect and quantity surveyor, performance, public infrastructure procurement, health and safety, bonds and guarantees, risk management and insurance, time for completion and liquidated damages, variations, subcontracts, tort in construction, design liability, legal principles governing claims etc.

Programme Structure

Course Code  Course Title Credit Hours
CDR514 or CDR 515 Introduction to Law (For non-lawyers)


Fundamentals of Construction (For lawyers)

CDR516 Construction Law and Contracts 3
CDR519 Contemporary issues  in Construction  3

Module Descriptors

Introduction to Law (For non-lawyers)

This module is intended for students who do not have a professional background in law. The module therefore provides an introduction to the key aspects and features of relevant legal systems which form the foundation for law in the construction industry.  Topics include: nature of law, major legal traditions, common law, civil law and Shari’a, the law of contract, particular contracts, law of tort, remedies and defences, restitutionary remedies, intro to public law, intro to European law and property.

Fundamentals of Construction (For lawyers)

This module is intended for students who do not have a professional background in construction or related disciplines. The module will therefore provide an introduction to key aspects and features of construction and construction technology which form the economic and professional context within which construction law operates.

Construction Law  and Contracts

This module provides a solid understanding of the special features of construction which give rise to particular legal doctrines and problems. The multi-party and long-time scale nature of construction processes coupled with its complexity and the financial risks involved may give rise to legal problems. The module familiarise students with the nature and implications of the legal relationship between the participants, the relevant laws and industry standard form contracts, and how they could be used in practical life situations.

Contemporary Issues in Construction Law

This module will provide a solid understanding of further aspects of the legal implications of construction projects, with a special focus on the structuring of projects and contemporary issues. This module is designed to familiarise students with contemporary legal issues in the construction field including (but not limited to) legal aspects of sustainable built and environmental protection, and investor-state dispute settlement under international investment treaties.

Entry Requirements

— A relevant Bachelor’s degree equivalent to an Upper Second Class or with a Good GPA (3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent) from an accredited university.

— A minimum EmSAT score of 1400, TOEFL score of 550 (213 CBT, 79 iBT), IELTS academic score of 6.0, or their equivalents on another standardised nationally, or internationally, recognised test that is approved by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

— Applicants who have a good degree in a discipline which is not related to buildings, construction and/or law may be admitted if they can demonstrate at least two years’ relevant work experience and/or professional development.

English Exam Registration

— Students are encouraged to register for their IELTS or TOEFL at The British University in Dubai (BUiD) by contacting [email protected]

— Paper-based ITP TOEFL are accepted by the administering institution only. Only those administered by AMIDEAST Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah will be accepted if it is sent by Amideast to BUiD directly.

— While registering with ETS for iBT or with Amideast for ITP TOEFL, please quote BUiD’s TOEFL code 0168.

— Internet (iBT) – test scores should be sent to BUiD directly by ETS.

Career prospects

The micro-credential in construction law and contracts is designed to enable practicing lawyers, engineers, architects, surveyors and other relevant professionals to gain expertise or upskill their knowledge and skills in construction law and contracts, leading to careers as consultants or professionals in the construction sector. Adding industry micro-credentials to their degrees or qualification would make the students more employable in the UAE and possibly the regional job market or gain promotion in their places of work.

Fees (total 3 credit hours)

1 credit hour = AED 2833

Module tutors:

Professor Aymen Masadeh

Dr Omar Alhyari

Dr Abba Kolo

Dr Christina Lienen

Dr Derar Al-Daboubi


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