5 steps to finding the right career for you

Sepideh Samadi

Senior Student Relations & Career Coordinator   – BUiD


Do you ever stop to think whether you are on the right career path?

Many of you may encounter a radical career shift in your life, and sometimes you might realise how troublesome it is to understand just whether you are on the right track or not.

If you are feeling stuck, uncertain, or confounded, don’t stress! Here are five steps you can take towards finding the career that will satisfy you and will match your core values:


  1. Personal SWOT analysis: when you study at school or university, doing a SWOT analysis for companies is a foundation of all business courses. Now, since you have learned how to do SWOT analyses for companies, let’s do one for you. Write down what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. See how you can overcome those weaknesses and shift them to strengths. What are the opportunities for you that can match your strengths and what are the threats and competition in the areas of your career interest. Once you realise all of them you will get a better picture about your career skills and you are ready to move on to the second step.


  1. Take a career assessment: remember in high school, being given career personality tests that would tell you what you should be when you grow up? They may have seemed silly, but the right career assessment can actually be a useful tool in discovering your path, especially if you are not sure where to start. There are several career assessment tests which you can find online, but you must make sure that they are reliable and valid.



  1. Make a list of your options: Whether you know exactly what you want to do or not, knowing how to get there is tricky. In order to find your dream career, you need to carefully sort through your options in order to find the best route. Your Self-SWOT analysis can help you in this step. Make a list of all the options that match your strengths, whether those are tangible job opportunities, education, or career paths. Once you have everything written down, you can discard what is not exactly right, and narrow your goals. Try to create as many options for yourself, so you have plenty to choose from.


  1. Network: whether you are actively searching for a new career, or just trying to get a sense of what path you should be on, networking is a great way to dip your toe in the water. The more people you meet, the more insights you can get into what the work environment is like, what the people who work there are like, and how they enjoy their work. Having a huge network of friends and experts helps you to increase your knowledge about the current work environment and what the market demands.



  1. Ask for a mentor: never underestimate the value and power of a good mentor! There are many different types of mentors, from the kind that pats you on the back to the kind that has been there and done it already. Especially for university students, the career advisor is always there to give you guidance and help boost your career.


I know finding your dream career is not easy, and the path can be scary. But just because it is daunting, doesn’t mean it is not worth it! You want to make sure you are using your time to your advantage, by pursuing a career that makes you happy, aligns with your values, utilises your talents, and more. You have the power to get there, and now you have the tools to get started. Be positive, believe in your talents, competencies and skills and step into your dream job.




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