Ahmed Ali

Senior Student Administrator


Human being have become so obsessed with the future that we’ve forgotten how to live in the present. We spend so much of our lives worrying, saving money, and planning. We don’t enjoy our time anymore.

We spend at least twelve years attending schools, three, four or even more years in university, and most of us never stop learning in the belief that we can build a better future for ourselves. We chase after career goals hoping to provide a better life for our kids.


Did we ever stop for a moment and think maybe our kids will be ok? Maybe what they crave the most is us spending time with them this very moment? Why don’t we put the same value in time the same way we value our money?

Time is the most expensive commodity. You might be able to get back pretty much anything you lose materially but you can’t get back a second lost.


We should re-evaluate how we look at our lives and how we spend our time. During our schooling years, we work hard to achieve high grades to be able to enrol in a decent university, but we are only judged on our performance in the last two to three years. So we wasted almost eleven years of our lives for nothing. Not to mention the anxiety and emotional toll we burden ourselves with.

We spend years at a university, sometime studying a topic we are not very keen on to be able to get a job we don’t like to earn money so that we can save for our retirement.


I believe that we should stop living in the future and focus on living in the present. Spend time with our loved ones rather than living in constant stress that make us end up missing out on the beautiful things in life, many of which are free.

To put things into perspective, the universe is billions of years old. That should make our lives feel nothing more than a fleeing moment in time.

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