BUiD academic staff co- publishes a research paper in the Computers & Industrial Engineering (CAIE) journal

Dr Nahia Mourad, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, co- authored research titled, Neutrosophic bipolar fuzzy decision-based approach for developing sustainable circular business model innovation tools with a group of researchers, in the Computers & Industrial Engineering (CAIE) journal.

In their research, Aws Alaa Zaidan , Muhammet Deveci, Hassan A. Alsattar , Sarah Qahtan , Wen-Long Shang g , Dursun Delen , Nahia Mourad ,and  Zainab Khalid Mohammed, constructed a decision matrix of circular business model innovation (CBMI) tools by intersecting 100 tools with 10 CE’s sustainability performance attributes. The fuzzy weighted with zero inconsistency (FWZIC) method is reformulated under neutrosophic bipolar fuzzy sets (NBFS) to determine the weight of CE’s sustainability performance attributes. Then, the CODAS method models the 100 CBMI tools, identifying the most and least sustainable tools.

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