BUiD’s academic staff publishes her research in the Information Sciences journal

Dr Nahia Mourad, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at BUiD, co-published her research in the Information Sciences journal indexed in Scopus (Q1). In the research titled, ‘Three-Way Decision-Based Conditional Probabilities by Opinion Scores and Bayesian Rules in Circular-Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets for Sustainable Smart Living Framework’, the researchers (Hassan A. Alsattar, Sarah Qahtan, Nahia Mourad, A.A. Zaidan, Muhammet Deveci, Chiranjibe Jana, Weiping Ding) introduced three-way decision (TWD)-based multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) as novel conditional probabilities by opinion scores (CPOS) within the context of circular-Pythagorean fuzzy sets (C-PFSs).

This TWD approach is used to rank Sustainable Smart Living (SSL) frameworks, which is a crucial component in the emergence of smart cities. Furthermore, the prioritisation of factors that impact the ranking and grading of SSL frameworks is achieved through the application of the fuzzy-weighted zero-inconsistency (FWZIC) method within a C-PFS environment. A total of 37 SSL frameworks are evaluated on the basis of 19 assessment factors distributed in four layers.

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