BUiD’s Associate Professor with a group of researchers publish a research paper in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Journal

BUiD’s Associate Professor, Dr Aos Alaa Zaidan Al-Juboori, with a group of researchers publish a research paper titled , Novel Multi Security and Privacy Benchmarking Framework for Blockchain-Based IoT Healthcare Industry 4.0 Systems, in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics Journal. In this study, the authors, Sara Qahtan; Khaironi Yatim; Dr Aos Alaa Zaidan Al-Juboori; H. A. Alsattar; O. S. Albahri ;B. B. Zaidan; A. H. Alamoodi; H. Zulzalil; M. H. Osman; and R. T. Mohammed , developed a novel MCDM framework on the basis of the integration of S-FWZIC into the combination of the GRA-TOPSIS and the BES optimisation method for benchmarking blockchain-based IoT healthcare Industry 4.0 systems. The implications of this study can assist medical organisation administrators in selecting the most secure and appropriate system and the developers of such systems in future directions.

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Dr Aos has 14+ years of post-PhD experience in higher education institutions covering teaching, research, post-graduate supervision (MSc & PhD). He has a strong background in data science and analysis and he has published more than 240 papers at International Journals and Conferences .He registered 16 Intellectual Property (Patents) for Industrial Research Projects.


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